To be successful, you must make customers for life. Businesses often fail at this enormous challenge when they don't understand its consumers, or target the right audience with a compelling marketing strategy. It is critical to present the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Affinity Development Group (ADG) specializes in developing affinity and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs for clients with established brands and customer bases. ADG also offers business management, technology services, strategy and planning, outsourced business operations, including a state-of-the-art call center for both established corporations and start up companies. Our proven and innovative programs and processes have yielded successful results for industry-leading companies, including Costco, Ford, AGPA, Prudential, Aetna, and Petersen Publishing.

Affinity Development Group is a full-service consulting, marketing, operations and technology company located in San Diego, Calif. Founded in 1996, ADG specializes in developing affinity marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs for companies with established brands and customer bases.

It’s our goal at ADG to create and nurture customer relationships through strategic products and services that are both relevant and valuable to a company’s specific audience. Our customer-care programs are built through a proven knowledge-driven process that include client collaboration, consumer base research, marketing expertise and information technologies. ADG’s team has been highly successful at leveraging and strengthening existing affinities between our clients and their customers.

We help establish life-long relationships by maximizing the Customer Lifetime Value by focusing on the customer, not only the products and processes. We help you know your customers as people. By establishing an interactive learning relationship with each customer, ADG can identify opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and move customers to more profitable channels, services and products.

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